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9 Tips to Create the Ultimate Back Yard Get-Away

Wanting to enjoy your backyard this summer? Upgrade your outdoor living spaces and unwind with family and friends!

Deck up your deck – Define different activity zones within your deck to make it a destination. With multiple levels, you can carve out separate spaces for relaxing and dining. You can cover a pergola with beautiful vines and abundant potted plants to bring your garden up onto the deck so that the structure blends into the landscape.
Create the perfect patio – With the perfect design, you can make your patio a welcoming extension of your house where you can enjoy fresh air and cool breezes. With fantastic planning, you can turn your patio into a seasonal room that gives you comfort and relaxation. The surfaces of a patio are usually brick or stone. If you choose concrete, consider adding color and texture to give it a natural look. – Add container gardens, planting beds and weather-proof furniture to add style to the outdoor space.
Add an outdoor kitchen – If you love eating outdoors or grill at least two times a week from spring through fall, an outdoor kitchen is a must. You do not need to get a fancy grill. All you need is a countertop for food prep as well as a separate side burner, closed storage, and other conveniences to ensure that you have a fantastic outdoor cooking experience. To make pre and cleaning even easier, you should definitely add a fridge and sink. Now you can make food that will leave your guests salivating for more. Now you will have guests bring their own food over just so you can cook it in your incredible set up. You may even have the nearby barbecue restaurant asking you to cook for them!
Get the privacy you want – You can make your outdoor space feel more like an oasis by adding an enclosure. For patios, garden walls, and fences are a salient way to ensure privacy. However, you can also use pergolas, lattice, and landscaping to define outdoor spaces and screen the views of houses around you.
Create a shady hideaway – A little shade is always welcome, especially during the summer months. Your deck or patio will be even more enjoyable if it can provide you relief from the sun. You can create shade spots with the help of umbrellas, retractable awnings, mature trees, or even arbors and pergolas that have beautiful vines growing on them.
Get the perfect furniture – When it comes to outdoor furniture, there are more choices than ever. Traditional wood, cast or wrought iron and cast or wrought aluminum are classics that always appeal. You will find new weatherproof, synthetic outdoor furniture in today’s market and they offer the same comfort, style and durability of anything that you may have in your home.
Use outdoor structures to define spaces – You can add another level of luxury to your outdoor oasis with a gazebo. Whether it is built on the landscape, set near a pool or attached to the deck, it is an outdoor room that offers a protected space for relaxing, cooking or dining. You can define activity zones in your outdoor space with arbors, trellises, or pergolas. They offer a marvelous way to create focal points, transition from one area to another or divide areas based on their function.
Add a spa or hot tub – To make your backyard your luxurious retreat, you can add a spa or hot tub and enjoy long, relaxing soak at the end of a hectic and stressful day. There are many things you need to consider before adding one of these – privacy, the best location for the tub or spa, access to the house and whether you want the spa in a sunny or shaded area. Once you figure all this out, you can enjoy the luxury of a spa in your backyard.
Plan your outdoor lighting – To make sure that you get to enjoy your backyard paradise even after the sun goes down, outdoor lighting is vital. The most basic is porch lights that illuminate the way to your house and provide ambient lighting. Low-voltage lights and solar-powered accent lights are wonderful options to add drama and interest to your backyard landscape and to highlight paths.

Source: “9 Tips to Create the Ultimate Backyard Getaway.” OLT, 14 Dec. 2016,

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4 Responses to “9 Tips to Create the Ultimate Back Yard Get-Away”

  • I loved your tips to make your patio nice by adding garden containers and weather-proof furniture, as well as to find furniture that provides the same level of comfort that you look for inside your home. My sister wants to redo her backyard patio to make it a place for her and her husband to relax and unwind on the weekends together. I will make sure to suggest that they get a patio cover and other features they need in order to keep everything shaded and protected.

    • Haley Englund
      Written on

      Thank you, Sabrina! Good luck to your sister on creating her perfect backyard patio!

  • This summer, my parents are wanting to make their backyard patio a place to relax and hang out with friends. I liked how you said adding a fence can make it feel more like an oasis and ensure privacy. I’ll give them this suggestion and hope they can find a fence company to install one for them.

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