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How to Choose Which Room to Renovate First

How to Choose Which Room to Renovate First

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Many people move into a home with the intention of making renovations to it. They could be anxious to create a space that lives up to the potential they envisioned when they first saw it.

Due to this inherent desire to turn a house into a home as quickly as possible, when you first move into a new space, you might feel the urge to tackle everything at once. However, diving right into every single project you can think of is a recipe for exhaustion and overspending.

Here are some reasons why people might decide to renovate their homes, and tips for how to choose which room to renovate first.

Why Do People Renovate?

Everyone has their own reasons for why they choose to renovate. Here are a few popular ones:

  • To Personalize: Some people choose to make their manufactured homes, even more, their own with customizations. Whether it’s a quick repair or major overhaul, personalization helps mobile homeowners create a welcoming environment that suits their own unique tastes.
  • To Fix Issues: Sometimes, sellers don’t make all the post-inspection repairs a buyer desires (for example, repairing a chipped countertop), but negotiation is reached anyway. In these cases, the buyer may choose to renovate early on.
  • To Upgrade the Style: A home that was last renovated two decades ago may look worn and a bit outdated. Or, the home might be designed in a way that doesn’t suit the new owners’ personal taste. This might lead them to want to renovate to give their home an upgraded style.
  • To Increase its Value: Some may opt to invest in a renovation in order to increase the overall value of their home. Upgrading kitchens, adding bathrooms, and making general facelifts are common projects taken on to increase the value of a home.

How to Choose Where to Begin

Mobile homes can be renovated just as stick-built construction can. No matter what your reason for renovating your home, there are a few things you might consider before deciding which room to renovate first.

Think about your home as a whole.

When you finally move forward on a renovation, you have probably already had many little projects in mind that have piled up to inspire your decision. Take a step back and prioritize which of these projects are most important to your overall goals for the traditional or mobile home reno.small houses on coins

Create a budget, and try your absolute best to stick to it.

In a recent survey, a third of homeowners paid for renovations with credit cards, which could pose a risk if these homeowners did not have a cushion of savings in the event of a financial emergency.

Not everyone has the funds to do a total home renovation right away, and that’s okay—but it’s important to evaluate your finances to determine an accurate budget for the different projects you’re interested in taking on. If you can only afford to tackle one smaller project right now, you can always wait until you have enough saved to take on the bigger one or focus on the smaller one first.

Consider tackling functional or efficiency-related issues first.

Are there any rooms in your home that you really feel you cannot use unless they are fixed? Is water leaking from the ceiling? Is your bedroom too cold to sleep in due to improper weather stripping? Were there things you wished the seller repaired before you moved in, but you weren’t able to negotiate at the time?

Consider taking on projects that solve functional problems first, so that you can make the most of your space. A style upgrade shouldn’t always be a priority, especially when another space in the home requires repairs.

Evaluate which rooms in your home are used the most.

Especially if you plan to stay in your home for a while, think about which rooms you’d prefer to enjoy for longer as you consider which room to renovate first.

  • Are you someone who enjoys cooking for the family, but the current kitchen lacks a large enough oven, or the counter space, to bake for everyone you love?
  • Are you expecting a child and need to create designated space in the bedroom for a bassinet and rocking chair?
  • Do you spend most of your time in the living room, enjoying the television, and you would prefer to refresh the furniture there?
  • Are you a runner and desire a new tub to take regular ice baths?

Evaluate which rooms you use most often and which you feel will feel emotionally grateful for renovating first. After taking care of structural issues and any potential functional repairs, consider refreshing the spaces you feel you’ll love more, and for longer, renovate, How to Choose Which Room to Renovate First

Fit smaller upgrades in between projects.

Even if you’re not feeling patient enough to renovate room by room, there are ways you can refresh your other spaces while they await their own renovations. Would a new television, or an upgraded refrigerator, help your space feel like home? Could swapping out your light bulbs with ones that throw warm light help to create an inviting environment?

Think about simple changes and upgrades that can help you love your space but won’t get in the way of your overall home renovation plans. So long as these decisions will fit in post-renovation, they’re little ways you can feel more at home, right away.

Turning Your House into Your Home

The process of making your home your own is special and, yes, can be time-consuming. With the proper planning and preparations for renovations, you’ll be well on your way to building your dream space.

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