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Category: Home Remodeling

    How to Choose Which Room to Renovate First

    By Client Care | June 24, 2021

    How to Choose Which Room to Renovate First Many people move into a home with the intention of making renovations to it. They could be anxious to create a space that lives up to the potential they envisioned when they first saw it. Due to this inherent desire to turn a house into a home... Read More

    5 Winter Home Improvement Projects

    By Haley Englund | January 21, 2020

    Winter is a great time to tackle indoor home projects! Take some inspiration from the upgrades below! 1. Add a spa showerhead Replacing your showerhead is a quick and easy way to upgrade your bathroom—and what’s better than a hot, spalike shower on a frigid morning? 2. Install heated bathroom floors A more involved but incredibly... Read More

    7 Easy House Makeovers You Can Do in 15 Minutes

    By Haley Englund | June 26, 2019

    Looking for a quick fix for those dull light switch plates, or maybe that outdated kitchen hardware? These tips will give your home a new look in no time! #1 Upgrade Your Light Switch Plates Upgrade your drab, plastic switch plates with snazzy covers that match or accent your décor. Even the most expensive brass... Read More

    Tricks to Make Your Home Look Bigger

    By Haley Englund | June 26, 2019

    Sometimes we outgrow our homes, no matter the square footage! Making your space feel bigger doesn’t have to lead to a major remodel. Check out some tips below!     1. Trick the Senses Just like pinstripe pants make your legs seem longer, a striped floor will make a room appear to go on for... Read More